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  1. Love… then love some more.
    (This doesn't mean I won't still shop there, though. Just so we're clear. ;-)

  2. Which gap are we talking about?

  3. +Lynne Goodwin I love the sentiment but when I first met my wife she possessed about half a dozen white Gap shirts and at least 3 pairs of black jeans. :)

  4. The clothing chain and not the Embankment or Bank? tube station one in London I would guess. :)

  5. Oh haha, I was just trying to be punny ;-)

    Regardless, I love the photo and the message =)

  6. There's also more to life than walking on the moon, curing cancer, or giving birth. Our grandest to the most trivial moments embody what we call life.

  7. +Eric Seaholm Speaking as one who has neither done, nor is likely to do, any of the above I sincerely hope so.

  8. I've done all three, but I've yet to shop at the Gap. Sucks to be me;)

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