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  1. This is great shot! black and white, light and shadow, angle, focus …

  2. haha, that's so funny because I've been going through the same process, do I leave the dust ? or clean it off . . . opted to do a cursory wipe most of the time ; )    this is cool Steve! the dust gives a sort of manly hairiness to the players ; )     I've done a hunt in the attic and found something new . . . now a matter of shooting and sharing . 

  3. +Jules Falk Hunter case by case basis re the dusting here :) this one was about 70% down to laziness though. Looking forward to seeing the product of the attic!

  4. +Sam Weinstein I googled it and got 5 alternative spellings :) Where I come from we call it table football. 

  5. what's in a name Steve ;))  in my teens and early 20's i used to play in a lot of tournies back in NY.  Got pretty good at it.  :))

  6. +Sam Weinstein agreed – the first time I heard it called foosball was by a marine from Alabama from who rented a room from me when I lived in England – he was really good at the game :)

  7. Ahhh… must be a US name :))  I still play every couple years if i run into a table. still kick those kids ass :)) 

  8. +Sam Weinstein Now I want a game :) – don't know if I'd beat my own grandmother though :)

  9. Me too!  Hahh… well, it's still fun! 

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