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  1. Hey there Steve..sure is minimal! Bring on the snow..we'll get beautiful pics!

  2. +Lynne Goodwin I really like it up until about the end of January – then the novelty of the constant shovelling begins to wear off.:)

  3. Yeah… +Steve Johnson, in these parts we call in to work, shut down the schools, and wait for it to thaw. :-)

  4. +Myrna Weinreich It is really good for photography – much easier than Fall photography (other than the cold)

  5. And we can have saturdaysnow curated by SteveJ :-)

  6. +Myrna Weinreich ha! and wednesdaywind and thursdayfrostbite

  7. fridayfreezing, saturdaysleet, fridayfog and no day for hail..

  8. has to be winterwednesday :}

  9. My winter photos will look a lot like my summer photos. :-)

  10. The low can reach freezing or slightly below freezing a few days a winter. Brrrrrrrrr. ;-)
    I lived where it was very, very cold in the winter for the better part of my life but now I just roast in the summer and chill in the winter.

  11. +Greg Murray It is the constant changes here – jet stream competing with flow from gulf of Mexico and we are in a valley. Before I moved here from UK my now wife told me that it got down to zero without wind chill in winter – I thought she meant Celsius – that was a shock! Summers are worse though constant humidity is not good – not as bad as the gulf but the due point lives in the uncomfortable range from beginning of June thru September.

  12. +Steve Johnson I believe I moved from (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) the coldest major metropolitan place in the country to the hottest (Phoenix, AZ) major metropolitan place in the country.
    Sometimes I go to extremes…

  13. +Greg Murray That is about as extreme a move as is possible without leaving the country! We are hoping to move within the year – to somewhere west of the Rockies, preferably desert type climate.

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