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  1. fantastic light and shot!

  2. +raymond samson - more playing when I should be working :)

  3. +raymond samson yup should be writing about photography not actually taking pictures – I just want to get back to taking photos – this writing thing is hard work :)

  4. the blog you mean? how's the three dimensional project going? i know i have your blog bookmarked

  5. No the blog is sadly neglected at the moment – other than the images that i post here which get automatically posted. 

    My book which is due out on the 28th March – I am just tightening some things up before it gets edited by the publisher  and sent back to me for corrections. 

    I do want to get back into the 3D stuff though (along with cycling and some other non graphics stuff)

  6. That's great, at least the writing is done, tying up loose ends would be a breeze (i think ; ) yeah, assumed that the photos on the blog are automatic uploads from the sequence.

  7. +raymond samson That is about right – once the book is in then life becomes a lot more fun all around :)

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