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  1. Sorry this shot is boring, brings nothing to the mind, you missed the point this time.

  2. +Joan Mcallister Enlarge the image and look at the detail in the tiles and how that relates to the empty space. DOF and choice of low key is also an important factor in this one.

    Saying that, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. If you do not have a taste for the abstract it will certainly leave you cold.

  3. I adore abstract. My Genre. honest…lol. this pic just did not sparkle in the lower regions of my mind.

  4. +Joan Mcallister Ah well – maybe the next one :)

  5. I like it!! Three little birds tiles outside my doorstep singing sweet songs…….. :-)

  6. I am sure your next work will blow my mind for sure…LOL

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