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  1. What I like about this photo are all the striking surfaces. The buckled concrete, the woodpile, the brickwork in the background, blended together to bring about a feeling of solitude where life used to bustle! Beautifully done!

  2. +Jason Kowing Thanks Jason – It is a really cool area, old industry and half demolished buildings – it is exactly as you describe.

  3. My kind of place! I love tootling around areas like that.

  4. +Jason Kowing Me too – I don't really know enough about the area to feel really comfortable though – tend to go down very early on Sunday mornings. There is a huge sign that says 'Buildings to lease with cold storage' hardly welcoming. I have some more photos somewhere..

  5. +Steve Johnson The Picnik editor is available on Picasa, but you have to visit http://www.picasaweb.com to access it. It's not available on G+.

  6. +Andrew Benson Yup – I wonder if it will be directly integrated with G+ at some point – (the photo link on the black bar no longer goes to Picasa.). I only use it rarely (Lightroom being my editor of choice) but some of the filters are useful.

  7. I only use Picnik on my phone pics. It's sort of a forced constraint for right now. It keeps me from processing all my photos exactly the same way. For everything else, I use Photoshop for all my DSLR shots, although I'm very tempted to get LR, at least for the asset management.

  8. +Andrew Benson Get LR seriously, going from PS to LR was a revelation. Unless you work a lot with composites, layers, masks etc. It'll make a bigger difference than any new lens :) and probably cost a bit less. Seriously it is very hard to go back to a linear work flow after using it.

  9. Ah great, just what I needed more photog. overhead. At least I can get and Ed. discount on Adobe software.

    I just realized as I was typing the response in the drop down menu, that the thumbnail of your photo makes the light against the left wall look typographic.

  10. +Andrew Benson It'll be worth it! I am not a fan of Adobe but with LR they got it right. It has literally saved me days of work and it is actually fun to use. See what you mean about the wall.Definitely looks like 3 letters – didn't notice that before.

  11. +Andrew Benson +Steve Johnson I agree with Steve. LR, apart from being a great cataloging tool, is a big time saver in my post-processing workflow. Prior to LR, I was groping with PS and took me so much time to post-process one photo. I believe Adobe has a limited free trial option for LR, Andrew. You may want to give it a spin.

  12. Great b/w shot Steve.

  13. +Andrew Benson +Lawrence del Mundo Thinking about it, I am not a great fan of LR's cataloging but I put up with it because of the editing and workflow side. +Paras Shah Thanks!

  14. This is a beauty Steve! Love the different textures you've crafted and blended here to make your visual statement and mood. Good work!

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