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  1. Light changes almost by the minute. Even more subtle is time, and even more, change itself. Lao Tzu had much to say about this.

  2. this is the way a photograph becomes philosophical …. made my day steve!

  3. +John Sutton If time is quantum i.e. can be broken down into extremely tiny discrete parts then I suspect light would change from one part to the next. I would require a lot of beer to think this one any deeper though (:

  4. +Dirk Nabel Thanks Dirk – high praise indeed!

    It is all about light, line and tone for me – the actual objects themselves always have been secondary.

  5. +Lars Pixel Clausen Thanks Lars – back to my roots (:

  6. I've always loved antiques and the patina on furniture and wooden objects that comes with age, which requires time -and lots of it, and the record of change that is etched into the surface of things. Light is only one small part of an image. If the image is a success it has a tactile dimension too that goes way beyond the sensory satisfaction that comes from the act of seeing. If that's where it stops -at the eye and the act of seeing, the image has not reached its potential. One needs to physically feel without the influence of stimulants, delicious as they might be. :)

  7. Wow, I'm really digging these!

  8. Lovely light, tones and selective focus.

  9. +John Sutton A camera sensor or film surface is not romantic – it doesn't record history, association or memory – nothing more than the light that comes through the lens. Anything else is what the viewer adds – which is all good.

    The camera can only do what you describe through the medium of light, the photographer learns how – to use light to express these other things. This is the physics and in the case of film, the chemistry.

  10. Very nice work. From the dark we can see the light more clearly.

  11. I really like these lines. Very nice!

  12. +Takahiro Yamamoto Thanks Takashiro – really appreciated, especially from someone who uses line as well as you do.

  13. Nice series on this subject – well worth the time you spent on it :)

  14. wonderful set. great subject.

  15. love the complete serie. love the light and shadows game in all your photos… +11


  16. +buda buda Thanks – I treat shadows the same as objects, i.e. give them the same 'weight' I think +Geoff Yale thanks Geoff – appreciated!

  17. Love this set! Great shots Steve! :D

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