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  1. I also recently purchased a bike as a reward to myself.  Made a promise I was going to ride it to work EVERY DAY this summer.  It has rained almost every day since, go figure.  Also, I just took a peak at your website.  I enjoyed it and bookmarked it.  

  2. ha! same here – we've had three months of dry weather and the heavens opened the day after I bought it and it is still raining now.

    Thanks for the compliment re the website – It has been a bit neglected recently and a substantive useful post is way overdue :)

  3. That's a beautiful song, from the Heart, keep your head up. 

  4. +Gary Turney Was this comment meant for someone else?

  5. Cool! What kind of bike is it?

  6. +Daniel Chen A Schwinn aluminum frame 26in 21 speed . I was going to go more expensive but decided that this mid priced bike was a good place to start after so many years of inactivity. It is a fun bike and my only complaint so far was the original seat – that was brutal!

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