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  1. circles of light…never too early!

  2. never too early! fantastic image.

  3. oh yes.. I love love love it.. did I say I love it? yeppers I do.. and can't wait for Christmas..

  4. What a nice holiday prelude :)

  5. +Hope OHara +Daniel Chen +natalie sefton +Angela Wright Thanks Couldn't agree more and neither could our city apparently :)

  6. Christmas is around the corner… love these lights.

  7. +maru clavier Thanks Maru – only seems like 5 minutes since the last one :)

  8. Oh neat… very nice use of light.

  9. oooooo…this one is really cool too! like a volcano of christmas bokeh. : )

  10. Oh wow this is my favorite! I love the color!

  11. Nice work! Love the colors!

  12. +Miguela Arana thanks – pleased that you like it :)

  13. awesome pictures. how do you achieve this effect?

  14. +Siva Nadarajah .by standing about 2 ft from the tree on the right and focusing on that. The trees with the bigger circles are more distant. The key is to use a wide aperture. I was probably using f1.8 here. I then boost the contrast in post processing if required. The effect also works with a much lighter image though so the contrast boost isn't essential.

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