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  1. Cool will be getting new phone soon and will try it

  2. +Mark Forman The only real downside that I've found so far is that it isn't possible to save a photo without uploading it. I often shoot then edit with the intention of uploading at a different time. Other than that it is pretty good.

  3. its simply beautiful again… all of them provide great contrast of colors…

  4. +Mark Forman of course the other big thing is that it is currently only  iPhone at present. Personally think that was a mistake on Flickr's part.

  5. ah more fun with spools . . . two can play at that game : )

  6. +Jules Falk Hunter That sounded just a little like a challenge to me ;)

  7. +Steve Johnson two pics already posted for your viewing pleasure ; )

  8. Aha will find the now +Jules Falk Hunter - well, after I take the trash out (I know, glamorous life).

  9. +Steve Johnson I just downloaded it on the android market.

  10. +Lon Miles That is really good to hear – everything I read earlier today said it was ios only – thanks for the heads up.

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