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  1. Can't say why I like this. It has caught my eye now 3 or 4 times going by in the stream. Maybe it's the colors. Thanks for sharing.

  2. +Ron Bearry I'm pleased that you wrote that – because that has been my feelings about this image for a long time. I've posted about half a dozen that I shot at the same time and those were easy decisions this one I honestly cannot decide whether it works or it doesn't. I've found that if that happens the best thing to do is just throw it out there and see what happens.

  3. Looking at it again and can't put my finger on it. It reminds me of many different places I've been but never a specific one. Kind of strange what images do to us sometimes.

  4. +Ron Bearry Agree completely – I think that somethings resonate and some don't. Certain phrases, especially place names, have the same effect on me.

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