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  1. So beautiful and like this color !*

  2. +花嶋いろは +Gemma Costa +Lisa RedWillow +Melissa Hadley +Valerie Mellema +Valerie Atkinson +kim pemberton Thanks! to be honest I was really not sure about posting this one – shows what I know :)

  3. why not? Colors give a beautiful effect also in the background

  4. +Gemma Costa Wondered if it was a bit too soft to be honest – composition wise not lens sharpness wise.

  5. yes but the important thing is the whole result, and those colors with this kind of softness are the key for a wonderful effect, I think you've done a right thing with the colored background, this choose expands the image so it results armonic :)

  6. Really beautiful, +Steve Johnson! The colors are sublime.

  7. What a beautiful image. Great work.

  8. Beautiful! I love the purple and greens here.

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