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  1. +sly vegas My inner nerd :)
    Love the new website! – literally just come back here from there.

  2. wow you can do that,stunning I do have 3D software but never managed to get anything out of it,just great +Steve Johnson

  3. +David Kaiser Thanks David – I'll post one of the final renders in about a week, this really is rough. The expensive 3D software can be tough to get something out of but this was done in Bryce which makes it pretty easy – good for getting ideas out quickly. This one is just a sphere with a mirror texture set into a mirrored plane and an environment made up form an earlier render with some haze and stuff.

  4. so cool +Steve Johnson one day I will get into this…didn't even try 3D in photoshop yet :) can't wait to see the final thing :)

  5. I was just thinking to myself this AM that I hadn't seen you around. Glad you checked in! :-)

  6. +Lynne Goodwin Hi Lynne – sometimes the world that isn't on a screen intrudes :)

  7. Thank goodness! Or, I wouldn't have anything to put on the screen. :-)

  8. +David Kaiser I've got CS4 which I think was the first one with 3D and I haven't even played with it yet – may have to rectify that!

  9. well PS is not the best way to get into 3D maybe some text fx,would love to play around but at lynda there is not much tutorials on that and tried digital tutors but that was way out of my league

  10. I'm no fan of Adobe 3D in either CS4 or CS5 extended.
    Sure it offers a few nice options when importing an object into the scene, but other than that, the overall engines are terrible.
    When you weigh out the pros and cons, cons win.
    That's my opinion.

    Search DAZ studio for novice level softwares and AutoDesk for more advanced applications.

  11. +Stuart Williams Daz 4 Bryce 7 ple free and pretty good – fast learning curve but Bryce is still carrying bugs it has had for at least two versions – very prone to crashing. Despite that still usable as learning what not to attempt isn't that difficult. Blender is great for the more mathematically inclined (and is free). Maya is my favorite for quality of output.

    Guess I won't be playing with the 3D layer in PS then :)

  12. +David Kaiser learning curve is a problem – Bryce 7 is free (ple edition) which is pretty much fully functional. Very visual – just plop in the elements and adjust to suit. It is the best on the instant gratification scale – that is for sure. Blender is sort of the opposite – tough to get into in my opinion.

  13. Blender's actually got some really nice feature, like a mix between Bryce and Maya. Easier learning curve with same tool options as better programs.

  14. will get on some tutorials to check this out thanks +Steve Johnson and +Stuart Williams :)

  15. +David Kaiser See what you can install for free, including trial versions and test them – seriously, 3D software often just comes down to what feels right at the time. +Stuart Williams I agree – Blender is very solid.

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