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  1. This is superb +Steve Johnson – absolutely fantastic. Pic of the day for me!

  2. +Lynda Bowyer High praise indeed! Thanks Lynda :)

  3. Such a mood-drenched shot for me, +Steve Johnson: finally relaxing after a hard day? Or lost in thought over some persistent thought form? Sitting down for a long-anticipated movie-marathon? Or quietly enduring the unwelcome delivery of bad-news? Water? Or vodka? I think this will resonate with a lot of folks and that, to me, makes it a great composition! Love it; well done indeed :)

  4. +Renee Stewart Jackson Thanks Renee, and thanks for the great work you do with this, probably my favorite theme on G+ as it really makes me think. +Richard Harlos Thanks! much appreciated. IIRC it is my wife playing angry birds on the laptop :) the drink is only water. The movie thing is a distinct possibility though. +Jason Bossley Thanks!

  5. this is familiar scene to me except its me on the laptop not my wife — great scene, looks great in sepia +Steve Johnson

  6. +John Dusseault Thanks John – that scene is completely interchangeable in this house :)

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