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  1. Great colors and awesome border.

  2. I like the "shy" lemon peeking out from behind whatever the green thing is.

  3. +Brett Hall Thanks – its a green bell pepper :) +maru clavier Thanks

  4. Ooh. This one is fantastic too!

  5. It's time for vitamins;-)

  6. +Rainer M. Ritz ha! the only vitamins I'll be ingesting over the next hour or so will be those found in a bottle of beer :)

  7. +Lisa RedWillow Thanks Lisa :) the light was daylight in our kitchen – I've yet to find a way to get that look with artificial lighting, however diffuse.

  8. I love this photograph. You gave that bashful little lemon a voice. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. +Tricia Cullen ha! thanks. Fighting for the underdogs of the fruit world – it is my destiny :)

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