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  1. Thanks +Craig Szymanski - never saw a green cone before so had to snap it :)

  2. +Steve Johnson - A definite moral imperative ;-)

  3. +Craig Szymanski Just found out that they are used by the city's tree dept – my wife is a mine of information :)

  4. +Steve Johnson - That is pretty funny actually.

  5. +walter gawronski Know the way I feel tonight (ooh-yay-yay-yay-yeah)
    +Elizabeth Lund I've always been a sucker for really bad puns :)

  6. Roy would be spinning in his grave +Steve Johnson :)

  7. I wonder if green means you can run it over. Hmmm 5 points for knocking it over 1 lane, 10 for 2 lanes … bonus points for sending it over oncoming vehicles.  Maybe 50 for over a bus.

  8. +walter gawronski I'm sure  he would :) +Bill Plese bonus points for the Death Race 2000 reference – a wonderful movie :)

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