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  1. beautiful leading line creates vanishing point effect !
    love the low contrasts too

  2. +Victor Bezrukov Thanks Victor – the problem with perspective based composition is achieving that without resorting to a mirror image. It is all about balance. The scene was a very low contrast one – the tone of the jetty, lake and sky were almost identical so – not much work for me to do.

  3. +Steve Johnson ha – i kidding ! it not enough to be lucky … it always there is somebody behind the cam … and if this one know to set the right ratio of numbers and to chose wining composition – so he is a lucky one !!

  4. +Victor Bezrukov Many people have their parent's voice running a commentary in their heads – I have my art teacher from about 35 years ago. It is a blessing and a curse. If things are wrong or I'm going through the motions her voice starts up (:

  5. +Greg Murray Thanks Greg – really appreciated.

  6. really love the way you composed this shot Steve. very nice!

  7. +Steve Johnson ~ This reminds me of photos in books I would read as a kid about places I had never been. And, then, want very badly to go to those places.

  8. +Lynne Goodwin I remember that feeling well. +shane holsclaw Thanks!

  9. Wonderful photo +Steve Johnson …. as always.

  10. A total tone is perfect.

  11. +Mineki Sato Thanks Mineki – just to prove that I can do subtle if I have to (:

  12. Lovely perspective and the tones are very nice. :)

  13. great horizon. great perspective. well done!

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