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  1. Steve, what's pea gravel?

  2. How the hell you come up with such crazy concepts/setups? Just soo awesome. Wish the gravel was more on focus (was it purposely out of focus – if so i take my comment back) :(

  3. +Myrna Weinreich Small stones, different colors smooth between about 1/3 inch and an inch diameter (I think). Here it is used up against a house to provide a non living barrier of a couple of feet and patios. If I had a dollar for every shovel load I've moved I'd be rich!

  4. +Paras Shah focus is in front of the stone – at the 90 degree angle at the front of the square – check the bokeh as the lines recede.

    This was a very small dof, fstop was around 3.2 I think. If I get a chance tomorrow I'll do a shot at f22+ (I have a trick for stopping the fringing) should be able to get the whole stone and foreground sharp.

  5. LOL Steve! Good exercise at least! :-)

  6. But honestly man, your work is soo unique. Keep it up!!!

  7. +Paras Shah Thanks – much appreciated! – I'll try. It's all one big experiment :)

  8. +Myrna Weinreich To be honest I enjoy it – it is good to do something that requires zero thought sometimes. (:

  9. +Kel Hayner Wow – Thanks! really appreciated :)

  10. Fantastic, Buddy! Killer dof here.

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