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  1. Beautiful! I love the black and yellow background with the tones of the leaves in the front!

  2. Great shot +Steve Johnson , autumn colours everwhere except where I am :(

  3. Thanks +Patricia dos Santos Paton really appreciated –  I did tweak the black a little

  4. +walter gawronski Thanks – sorry to hear that – we usually  get a pretty good show here

  5. Yes Steve, even in Autumn our deciduous trees are pretty lame for colour, in Western Australia anyway. The U.S. and Europe seem to be very colourful.

  6. Where's the partridge? (Sorry.. bad joke!)
    Fantastic bokeh. This really grabbed me as I scrolled thru my stream. There's a bokeh Tuesday theme… #justsayin  ; ) Really great photo!

  7. +Pam Chalkley-Boling nearly that time of year as well :) thanks for the heads up re the theme – next Tuesday – promise.

  8. love the depth of field with the beauty of the colors. Great shot!

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