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  1. +Greg Murray ha! things are not quite that bad – at least not yet. :)

  2. +Steve Johnson but there are treasures to be found I am told!? ;-)

  3. +Greg Murray Sure but not in these – back of a cafe and a Dollar store. I've done my share of high end dumpster diving. :)

  4. Nice light and the dumpsters are a great touch. Funny you and I both had the same idea this morning ;)

  5. I really like how you caught the light here.

  6. The peeling paint and trashcans were actually the last things I noticed. The mix of light and colors on the other hand, were the first. :-)

  7. great light. great atmosphere.

  8. +Anna Lowry I wanted to get across the idea that light is key – the actual objects are secondary (at least to me) albeit in a very gently way. Naming the supposedly least attractive parts of the image seemed to be the way to go :)

  9. +Felipe Apostol +Ursula Wenzel +Tricia McDonald Ward +Chris Miller Thanks! These walls always seem to catch the best of the light – they are due north facing FWIW and the pic was shot at dawn.

  10. +Steve Johnson, the power of good lighting – making trashcans look good. ;-)

  11. +Anna Lowry I occasionally utter a much coarser variation of the same idea to get the point across – won't do it here though :)

  12. Haha +Steve Johnson, I would love to hear that. :-)

  13. Love the bright sunlight. Nice color photo!

  14. +Takahiro Yamamoto Thanks Takahiro – sometimes omly color will do – I did look at the monochrome version long and hard tohugh (:

  15. +Anna Lowry I promise that it is not big and its not clever :)

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