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  1. I like this lots and lots +Steve Johnson . Excellent comp and great mood setting. Nicely done.

  2. What an amazing silhouette, I love the B&W too

  3. brilliant b&w and a killa_mood Steve

  4. This is hard-boiled. Very nice.

  5. I really love silhouettes and this is one fantastic effort..Excellent

  6. dude! this is awesome! the silhouette is like a cool push pin sicking right through that smiley face semi-circle. : )

  7. +shane holsclaw Pushpin through smily face semi circle – I think I see it (: +Sam Weinstein +Jojo Hussein +Jim Brandano +Mineki Sato +Dirk Nabel Thanks all! The person in the pic is my wife – she doesn't usually look that severe.

  8. Ahhh… wondrous shot, my Friend. Such an air of cold mystery here… brought about that silhouetted figure.

  9. Nice composition and inky blacks and whiteout whites!
    Off center a little with the house in the background for great depth.

  10. +Greg MurrayThanks Greg I break out in a cold sweat if left/right mirror symmetry creeps in – voice of an old angry but very good art teacher from 36 years ago. As far as she was concerned that approach was extremely lazy and the results were always static and lifeless. I am not as hardcore as she was but I think her point was certainly a valid one. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks – my wife is a really good sport about this photography thing.

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