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  1. Marilyn

    Thanks Steve,
    This is one of my favourite subjects. I use a second hand Minolta 50mm lens on my Sony a700. It’s autofocus – quite noisy too. Now you have encouraged me to get a non-auto focus len where before I passed them over. I find I have to use manual focus with my macro lens so I have some practice lately.


    • steve

      Hi Marylin.

      I sort of went from autofocus to manual without realizing it and never went back. The other thing I like about manual is that I can lock the exposure then just point at something the that will give me the right shutter speed then move the camera and refocus to compose the shot. Sounds complicated but it is a very natuaral way to work.

      Macro is generally accepted as being manual focus territory – small dof. If a subject is hard to focus one (nor macro) it can be worth upping the fstop to give a larger dof. It can be compensated by higher ISO (not the crime that many will have you believe) or decreasing shutterspeed. The get out of jail card is to underexpose and compensate in post processing.

  2. Beautiful photographs, great advice. Thanks so much!

    • steve

      Thanks Darris

      I enjoyed taking these. As much as I would never be without the point and shoot camera it is nice occasionally to give the DSLR an outing.

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