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  1. Love the brightness! Just wondering where all the kids are?

  2. +Fay Wiesel Thanks :) Kids were probably still in bed – this was shot at around 6.30AM on Sunday morning.

  3. ohh… I see! I never can tell the difference between early morning light and afternoon.

  4. Red …. I see red  … alerting +AllThingsRed 

  5. +Fay Wiesel It is impossible to tell the time of day from this pic – did some garish things to the saturation :) +Raya Ozruso-Cottrell Thanks :) +Susan Myers Thanks – I forgot about this page – I'm losing track of al lthe pages and tags and things.

  6. That's ok.  I just have done that one a great bit lately.  I keep the shortcuts to the day specific themes and the one page listing the non-day themes.  I check through as I am tagging stuff in Picasa.

  7. claire

    This is how red feels to a child! Love it.

  8. +Susan Myers That sounds incredibly well organized and I think that I am going to have to take a leaf out of your book. Relying on memory is not cutting it :) 

  9. Feel free to steal the organizational idea.  I'm a librarian, so I do stuff like that in my regular life.  Wish I could keep my house clean like that.  It only works with information (organizing).

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