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  1. They do it to stop people dumping their rubbish in the bins.. as it costs them money to get them emptied, if they fill up quicker, then they need to empty them more often..

  2. It also stops the dumpster divers from spreading the trash all over the street/alley. We had to lock ours at a restaurant, because people would throw the trash everywhere.

  3. Just so we don't sound like heartless assholes, we gave free leftover food to the homeless once a week.

  4. abs beautiful reduced+++

  5. I really love the tones and processing on this precious shot!!! Nicely done +Steve Johnson

  6. +Paul Pichugin +Marc Moberg this all sounds about right as these are at the back of a restaurant. +buda buda +Paras Shah Thanks – good to get the DSLR out now and again.

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