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  1. I really like this – how the reality slowly dissolves.

  2. +Susan Myers Thanks – sounds like the story of my youth :)

  3. Total rubbish, why did you post this.

  4. +Joan Mcallister Constructive criticism is good. This is not constructive criticism.

  5. The fact I saw the visual at all should make you proud. however the overall appeal is poor.

  6. see my shot of the London eye workings and see where you went wrong.

  7. I am curious – are you a photographer, artist, critic or something different?

  8. Holy Trollers Batman!!!
    +Steve Johnson pay no mind we still love you… ;)

  9. I am a professional critic and agent. I seek out worth while photographers. I see potential in you.

  10. I would like to see your Portfolio.

  11. +Joan Mcallister Do you have links or publication details for any of your critiques? I am curious because comments such as the one that you initiated this exchange with, i.e. 'Total Rubbish, why did you post this?' are not what I'd expect, unsolicited, from a professional critic or agent.

    Just for fun I offer you a challenge: make me care about what you think of my photography or whether you see potential in me or not.

    I don't keep an online portfolio but do have several thousand photographs on various websites (including my own) – links are in my profile. They are just photographs and do not pretend to be works of art. Some of them are pretty good though – in my not so humble opinion at least.

  12. I must say dear boy. you are not a professional photographer. I seek out your credential, you do not seek out mine.

  13. post your portfolio to me personally. the photos you think are the best you have ever taken. If I like them I will move you forward. It is your choice.

    If I do not like them! then you know I will not be in touch

  14. +Joan Mcallister – Your posts and profile indicate NONE of your supposed qualifications. Your ONE post is very juvenile and certainly does not live up to your grandiose description of yourself. WHAT shot of the London eye workings?

  15. +Joan Mcallister You are an arrogant fool with an overblown sense of your own importance – this conversation is now over.

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