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  1. Love the colors and the strong contrast!

  2. Great work! The rich deep colors.

  3. Nice! So what are you making? :)

  4. very cool processing. What is being baked? And more importantly, when can I expect mine?

  5. agreed on the great processing ! i really like the stuff you've been doing, very artistic material my man ! ! !

  6. +sly vegas +Jennifer Eden +Daniel Chen +April Gamel +Patrick Metzdorf

    Thanks – appreciated!

    – colors due to free Photoshop plugin
    (Its the Lomo filter photo effects one but they are all worth having)

    I needed something to make a soft paper type border for the images in the cookbook I'm working on (the frames plugin has a good one of those). I normally loathe Photoshop as a tool but its earned its money on this project.

    As for what it is – something with cream cheese frosting – I'll ask my wife when she gets home about the cake :)

    the grungier stuff is a sanity break from 1/2 stop overexposed backlit pastel food pics that I'm currently working on.

  7. +April Gamel Pleasure -I'll write it up in more detail when the workload eases up a bit. +Evelyn Lamprey Thanks Evelyn – I really do like the toy camera type aesthetic and this is the best filter I've found – really sophisticated – if that isn't a contradiction. This is SOOC, standard lighting etc. Other than the square crop the filter does it all.

  8. I have so much to learn. But I'm so excited about adding this hobby to the rest of my world. Thank you. No rush. Work and produce. Love just seeing right now!

  9. All hands and manual labor, yes that is real baking! (I still love my KitchenAid though) Great style and texture Steve!

  10. +Eric Z Thanks! I don't think our KitchenAid has come off the shelf for a year thinking about it – my wife used to be a professional baker.

  11. Love the Grain you added to this and the deep color. Love it

  12. Now I'm even more impressed, that filter is really cool.

  13. +Evelyn Lamprey I must admit that I'm looking forward to messing around with it on some candids and street shots with people – think the results could be interesting. Don't know if it is just my eye but the feel is both retro and very contemporary at the same time and I like that.

  14. This is way off-topic but . . . have you seen the LG light show ad done against a high rise in Berlin? It’s amazing and will certainly change the way ads done here in the US. This cropped up in my brain when I look at your creative work . . .

  15. I love this! The color is awesome..i love the look!

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