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  1. Very cool image, Steve… Love this…

  2. My favourite title of the week. (Like the pic too!).

  3. +Laura Harding Thanks Laura- titling isn't really my strong suit :)

  4. It made me laugh… I am a user of the word "stuff" … :)

  5. Love this colorful abstract Steve!!!

  6. +Paras Shah Thanks Paras – bit of a change for me :)

  7. I call it drastic change +Steve Johnson :)) From b/w to red/blue :D

  8. Wow, these "red twig things" are freaking cool!!

  9. +lynn langmade Thanks Lynn – there are a lot of them outside various shops along our high st.

  10. The colors are stellar! Love the contrast and the lines!

  11. +Jennifer Eden Thanks – it was the color that drew me to the shot.

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