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  1. +Steve Johnson , once again, what an eye ! and terrific B&W treatment as usual :)

  2. The B&W really keeps the eyes on the great lines and curves here.

  3. I love the B&W light and contrast. Nice

  4. +Steve Johnson another great shot thank you

  5. +Jon Savage +Lisa RedWillow +Patrick Cartner +Lisa Mikulski +sly vegas Thanks! -this bench bugs me because there is a really good photo to be had and I haven't found it yet – one or two 'almosts' but not the one I know is there.

  6. I had an issue like that with fungus… took five+ days to get the photo.

  7. +Lisa Mikulski I'm on month four and half a dozen attempts with this but feel I am slowly getting closer – low level obsession. (:

  8. I love Benches and have many photos and only a few Im happy with. I just cant get the angle I want .

  9. Oh wow +Steve Johnson … you've got to let me know when you nail it!

  10. +Lisa Mikulski I think everyone East of the Rockies will know – internet connection or not (:

    +Lisa RedWillow this is a really unusual one – almost a full circle but backed with concrete so it cannot be photographed from behind – never seen one like it before.

  11. I love it. Nice work. I would have a hard time. Thank Steve.

  12. I really like this…. but, maybe the elusive photograph will be found under the bench. At the very least, from that vantage point, it would be different.

  13. +Sam Weinstein Thanks Sam +Janet Nix very little light gets underneath because of the enclosing concrete. I always avoid extra lighting id possible (although I do have it as a last resort).

  14. Great lines and curves.

  15. Nice lines. I like the cropping.

  16. Totally awesome….love it.

  17. Nice shot, I like its tonality

  18. love the lines and curves

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