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  1. This is why photography was invented. Love it.

  2. There will be a memorial service on Level 1

    Remember Level 3! – Never again!

    Or something.

  3. +Steve Johnson is that a checkpoint save? ☺

  4. +Motavis Jones
    ha! – if it is about 5 seconds from where I always lose my last life then most probably :)

  5. This makes me want to pour a glass of cold organic ale from a local brewery and look at some more photos. :)

  6. +Ron Bearry ha! that actually sounds really good about now. :)

  7. hahah.. funny signs crack me up.

  8. hehehehe – love the red – really pops!

  9. +shane holsclaw Aside from the joke thing i liked the frame within a frame and red always pops against black +Brian Joergens I am a sucker for ambiguous signs – and our city specializes in them.

  10. I work at a police department on a university campus. We also have a hospital where they park in a parking structure. If I had a dollar for every person who called thinking their call was taken when it is just on a different level.

    One lady said "no I parked on level 3" we find her car on level 4 but she wouldn't admit her mistake. She actually said "Now who would move my car? I know I parked it on level 3, you should review the camera recordings to see who moved my car."

  11. I'm on another level…not always such a good thing tho :D

  12. Lol! :D Nice catch, Steve!

  13. +Andrew Madden I think the sign is actually a good idea – speaking as one who has spent much time looking for my car and not just in parking lots – I don't blame others though!

  14. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks! It just appealed both aesthetically and for the mixed meaning. +Tom Menzie ha! true.

  15. + Steve Johnson they have signs all over that parking structure and some people still loose their car.

  16. Level 3 has a secret entrance to Area 51! Great color and shadows +Steve Johnson

  17. +Jim Nooney … Ha! it is attached to the county admin building – wondered why things seem strange when I go there to pay my property tax :)

  18. +Sam Weinstein Just doing my part as a responsible citizen :)

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