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  1. gorkushka

    Yeah. Same here – in April as well. My problem was a large hunk of dust clinging to an inside lens element. It probably gets in there every time the lens barrel accordions itself open. That said, I’m now going to be very careful with it outside.

    Have you played with Starry Night mode? I did! You can use it for many things besides the suggested Starry Nights. In fact, it’s fantastic for general night photography.

    Ignore the “Night Scene” idiot mode – all that does is go for the highest ISO it can get its hands on. You can shoot S mode – but you only can dial up to 8 seconds of shutter…
    If your really low on light, you’ll go running for higher ISO w/ that 8 second limit.

    Ah! But Starry Night Mode! Locked to ISO 100 – and locked to 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds of shutter! Very good indeed. Try it out! But not on starry nights, just
    dark places.

    – Jim


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