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  1. Good subject and nice bokeh.

  2. +Cheryl Cooper Thanks Cheryl – not my usual that is for sure.

  3. really love the tones Steve! very moody. : )

  4. Oooh, love the tones. Very nice touch!

  5. this is so nice. it draws me in. mysterious and moody.

  6. +Shirren Lim Thank you Shirrem – really appreciated :) +Jennifer Eden I liked the sense of depth for that reason +Daniel Chen I broke the Black and White button – seriously it didn't look quite right hence the sort of sepia +shane holsclaw Thanks Shane must be the weather (:

  7. Gorgeous, Steve! Such an artistic shot!

  8. +Ebru Yildiz Thanks – appreciated! +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence and a very good morning to you :)

  9. Steve, love it! Lovely, colors, depth, just everything.

  10. A shot of a beautiful atmosphere.

  11. +Myrna Weinreich Thanks Myrna – and thanks for the reshare :)

  12. +Mineki Sato Thanks Mineki – appreciated.

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