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  1. Nice shot +Steve Johnson , I like the cold blue tone in particular, it suits a subject like this, steel and water etc.

  2. Yeah I have said it before but going to say it again.
    You know light so very well!!

  3. +walter gawronski Thanks – I tried both the blue and normal grays and this version seemed to have something over the standard B/W one. 

  4. +Greg Murray a high compliment indeed – thanks :) to be honest this was one of the very few photographs that I've taken which have been completely lit by flash. 

  5. You are welcome. Flash is all good.
    You use natural light better than  anyone I have ever seen indoor photos by on G+. +Steve Johnson 

  6. Steve!  I just love how you see so much my friend.  This is wonderful!  Also made me think of one of my favorite Beck songs. : )

  7. +Steve Johnson , I think choosing a suitable tone helps to reinforce the mood we are trying to convey, even with monochrome.

  8. +Greg Murray I painted for years (and had some very unforgiving teachers) and the tone/light stuff was drummed into me. And then of course there is always Lightroom :) 

  9. Yeah +Steve Johnson you have no talent or anything like that! Nope it's just others teaching and lightroom! Okay lets go with that! ;-) ;-)

  10. Love the mood here, wouldn't have guessed it was flash-lit! Great +Steve Johnson :)

  11. +Greg Murray Ha! any false modesty was completely unintentional :) saying that, I think that talent is overrated. Its just about learning to see.

  12. Seeing I think is one of the hardest things for many photographers to do.

  13. Thanks +Paul van de Loo Thanks – I remember that the room was entirely dark but not 100% sure what I I did with the flash – looks as if it was off camera and held at arms length to the right – probably had a diffusing dome on it. 

  14. +Greg Murray I think you've hit the nail on the head – that is the thing that takes time – not the technical stuff.

  15. I think I am very fortunate in that seeing comes easier to me than many and that is not a talent it is a gift. +Steve Johnson 

  16. +Greg Murray gifts need to be worked at though :) ultimately I think it is all process.

  17. I agree with you +Steve Johnson 
    I guess that's a hint that I need to work on my seeing.  :-)
    See talking with you is like having a teacher. An unorthodox one at that. :-) I mean that in a very positive way.

  18. +Greg Murray - not at all! – am speaking from my own experience only. My comment was meant to mean that I see things one way now but will see them differently in the future as that is what experience has taught me. On this topic I wouldn't presume to judge anyone else!

    Hope I didn't cause offense.

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