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  1. whacky or not, it really works.

  2. Thanks +Kirk Jordan sort of poor man's Lensbaby :)

  3. That's pretty darn cool.

  4. +Levi Moore Happy accident – to be honest I couldn't be bothered to get my other lens out of my office so I thought I'd give this a shot – turned out a bit different than expected :)

  5. Hey man, if you're gonna have an accident it might as well be happy.

  6. Loooove the cheeeeeeese! This is great +Steve Johnson!!! Well played!

  7. Wow so taken by the shot I just read your lens antics… Very cool!

  8. Thanks +Dave Renz Got to have the cheeeeeese :)

  9. really cool effect Steve! enjoying the colour, and the cheese ; ) 
    hey +Dave Renz , struck out at the thrift store, just a bunch of puzzles and junior scrabble . . . will see if I can come up with some cheese of my own ; ) 

  10. Thanks +Jules Falk Hunter looking forward to the cheese ;)

  11. +raymond samson little bit of a contrast boost and sharpening in Lightroom but that was about it – the distortion and 'feel' were all in camera.

  12. was going to ask about the distortion, really cool!

  13. +raymond samson It is actually extreme pincushion distortion. I might do a correction in Lightroom and post the result if it is interesting enough.

  14. that's the ktichen/bathroom counter you placed them on. cool idea with those small sized tiles

  15. +Nancy Sproul Carter Thanks – sort of an interesting accident.

  16. Cool idea and result +Steve Johnson ! I loved it!

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