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  1. Very simple, very effective.

  2. nice light, perfect amount of detail. I just hate crossheads in the mean time – torx all the way ;)

  3. Thanks +Peter Dunn pretty sure my wife has said that about me at some point :) +Sherrie von Sternberg Thanks appreciated :) +Bret Pulkka-Stone completely agree re cross heads – mine seem to end up as cone shaped dents in the screw heads.

  4. Thanks Lars :) these are fun to do +Lars Clausen 

  5. Thanks +Dave Renz today was more Tool Time than games :)

  6. I hear ya +Steve Johnson …I managed one for you…posted way earlier though (like 10am) :)  But I've been "off my game" for a bit :)

  7. +Dave Renz missed it for some reason – will go and find it now.

  8. great job steve johnson

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