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  1. Beautiful… love the lines.. :)

  2. ooh cool! nice lines & contrast!

  3. Dig it ! marvelous composition

  4. Nice positive and negative space.

  5. First I thought it was slippers, then leaves…and at last shapes! Hi Steve!!!!! +Steve Johnson

  6. +Myrna Weinreich hi Myrna! – just a houseplant – haven't got a clue what its called.

  7. Ace abstract mate. Love the shapes.

  8. Interesting. Love the veins in the leaves.

  9. Fabulous!!! Your eye never ceases to wow me!!

  10. Nicely captured
    You're in the Circle I just posted today: International Eye Candy

  11. Where did +Steve Johnson go? Please come back! I hope all is well.

  12. yeah I was wondering that my stream did miss something :(
    some needed vacation?
    hope you are doing fine :)

  13. I am wondering also. Hope you are good.

  14. +Steve Johnson Hope all is well … will look forward to seeing you here again.

  15. Fantastic image, Steve…

  16. Great stuff Steve. Just found you through Colby Browns inspirational photographers circle. A great find!

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