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  1. I like the name of this one!

  2. +Mark Forman Something a bit different ;)

  3. Thanks +Mark Forman I suppose technically it is more conceptual than abstract but that is splitting hairs :)

  4. +Steve Johnson right-abstract is pretty broad in scope-I guess technically it means less than the whole for item or even environment so…

  5. +Mark Forman FWIW my 'loose' definition of abstract is where what the object actually  is doesn't matter. Others have a much stricter definition, where the original object(s) have to be unrecognizable and even things like depth in an image are not permitted.

  6. Makes me think of talking heads..  all the different ideas in ones mind at one time… yet all connected to the same energy.  Abstract… conceptual… split hairs or splitting heads?  :)

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