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  1. Ahhh look at all those poles +Steve Johnson … this is great! :))))

  2. Whoa – yeah baby. I have a really fondness for 'dense stuff sticking up in the city'.

  3. +Eric Fredine me too – vertical lines rule :)

  4. Russian dolls of verticality – h/t to +donna marsh

  5. Nice shot +Steve Johnson has a real 70s retro feel to it, reminds me when all of the telephone lines were up on poles.

  6. +Jeff Smith Just about everything here is still above ground – good job there isn't a way to run sewage pipes on poles.

  7. Damn—I can never decide whether it's a wire day or a pole day. This solves both worlds.

  8. +Donna Blanchard Hey Donna! – how's the new job and lifestyle! I will email you an update from sunny Valpo the weekend. I got a book deal, real dead tree one with a real publisher. More about that in the email.

  9. Great mood +Steve Johnson Like the processing on this!

  10. Wow, Steve, it sounds like you're kicking ass – fabulous! I'm anxious to hear all about it. Hawaii is everything you've ever heard it is. Your Southshore photo reminded me – we don't have anything like that in our landscape here (we don't have any trains at all, in fact). I appreciate the sights of NW IN! (we don't have any woodsy creatures or familiar bird varieties either – I didn't know I'd miss deer, raccoons and robins!)

  11. +Donna Blanchard For the next book I'll be looking for tax writeoffs interesting locations (Hawaii qualifies). Haven't written the email yet – expect it soon.

  12. Well… you know we might have one or two interesting locations here on Oahu. (see, I'm still good at taking cues!)

  13. +Donna Blanchard sounds wonderful – you never know. It's certainly time that I broadened my horizons beyond the Midwest that much is for sure.

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