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  1. Fantastic, +Steve Johnson! Really appreciate the color, framing and the "hot spots," which really give this "bicycle power." I usually try to get rid of hot spots but this inspires me to try using them creatively.

  2. Thanks +Bette Kauffman appreciated. I am a sucker for the 'toy camera' look hence the blown out highlights etc. Of course this was a post processed 'normal' digital shot.

  3. I never even thought of it as a "toy camera" look, but it does remind me that the bright, bright sun of summer Louisiana can blast out the contrast-handling capabilities of my iPhone 4G camera. But… anything can be used creatively. I'm a firm believer that rules are meant to be broken!

  4. An appropriate shot to post on the first day of this year's 'Le Tour de France'. ;-)

  5. +Bette Kauffman of course it is iPhone apps – esp hipstamatic that are responsible for the popularity of the retro/toy/film look. I've never owned one but am hugely influenced by what others do with them. As for breaking rules – whenever possible.

  6. +Martin J Brown Jr That explains why I was tripping over cyclists this morning! seriously, I was out for my usual early morning ride and saw about 25 others – normally I see about three.

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