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  1. Nice series, Steve! This one is my favorite. It's like a memory. Beautiful.

  2. +Kelli Seeger Kim Thanks Kelli, that is good – I spent a lot of time walking around this park over a period of about five years and it is definitely a favorite place of mine. I've never been able to do it justice photographically though – the results have always been generic and bland. Hopefully that can change now.

  3. Me likey too…very much

  4. Wonderful set Steve. Powerful processing.
    Reminds my very much of SandBanks Provincial Park on Lake Ontario

  5. +Eric Parker Thanks Eric! I would guess that it is probably the same ecosystem – freshwater dune.

  6. The very beautiful series. Monochromatic contrast is wonderful.

  7. Yes, it's a wonderful habitat and feels so unlike Ontario.

  8. +Eric Parker here there are real contrasts – steel mills, national park and sprawl.

  9. Really well done. It almost looks like a black and white water color.

  10. +Chris Miller Thanks! definitwly has that feel.

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