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  1. +C.J. Shane Thanks – it was a really clear day today – Wind coming straight down from the North which always gives better blues.

  2. +Joel Frieco Hopefully it is steam but there was some more sulphery looking stuff coming from one of the other stacks – luckily we weren't downwind.

  3. The more I do nature and wildlife photography, the more I take notice to sights such as this and think about the massive footprint we, as human beings, are leaving on this world, and how it is negatively affecting the other forms of life which are trying to share it with us and survive…

  4. I really like your graphic treatment. Everything really pops – not only your subject matter but your message.

  5. +Jan McCartney Mital, who now own this Mill only operate in countries with weak environmental and labor laws. Sometime after 2000 they decided that conditions in the USA suited there bottom end of the market businesss model.

  6. +Steve Johnson The image also reminds me of Hamilton, Ontario. Driving along the Queen Elizabeth Way, passing the greenery of Cootes Paradise then coming upon smokestacks around the bay on a otherwise clear summer day.

  7. +Jan McCartney It is surreal here – several miles of sandy beach and lake bookended by two steel mills jutting out (and the Chicago skyline for added interest). Makes for an interesting swim.

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