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  1. tha pics looks like an explosion and … ah 4 Golf. Whats the sprit
    Nafta, redo bleifrei?

  2. Oh no wait… do I love this one more? No. Yes. Shoot… now I'm conflicted!

  3. What seen you first in the pictures

  4. +Lisa Mikulski ha! join the club – I am not sure about these

  5. +Thomas Kunz Not quite sure what you mean but here is an attempt at an answer. The reflective gold colored box was the interesting thing because I didn't know how the camera would see it – especially with a large aperture and a magnifier screwed on the end of the lens :)

    The depth of field is very small and I like putting it where it isn't expected. Here it is on the center of the cross and not the beginning of the line or the stone.

    Hope that makes sense.

  6. I am thrue ,,, addictet for must have… like satisfaction or coffee in the morning, or only for putting it … sorry sense… for finished. Lets clean the metapher

  7. +Thomas Kunz ha! I was liking the metaphor :)

  8. +Thomas Kunz ha! I was liking the metaphor :)

  9. +Thomas Kunz ha! I was liking the metaphor :)

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