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  1. Well seen, well shot! Good sense of order :)

  2. Thanks Tony – I wonder if the person who put the ladder in place deliberately lined it up so precisely. 

  3. Terrific! But I'm not so sure it is "subconscious," +Steve Johnson! My late husband was a plumber and he took great pains to make sure pipes were straight, angles square, lines parallel, etc., etc. He never spoke of it as "aethetics" but I would say he was using principles of design in his work.

  4. I was just about to say Great Plumbing job too! Nice shot.

  5. +Bette Kauffman I think you are right – FWIW I do not possess that particular gene – my wife does though :)
    +Kim Smith Definiltey the best looking exposed piping in town :)

  6. not sure many people are making the relationship between the extension ladder and the plumbing. great photo.

  7. Oh, I see the relationship between the ladder and the plumbing, and the person who hung the ladder might not have noticed how well he/she had lined them up. But the order/design in the plumbing pre-exists the ladder. The regular pattern of the ladder builds on it, and probably would even if weren't line up so perfectly. But notice that the angle of the photo enhances the appearance of being "lined up" perfectly–because the verticals don't "line up" toward right frame.

  8. +Bette Kauffman I haven't got a straight on photo so this is conjecture – look at the third meter – the vertical is slightly to the left of the rung whereas the vertical on the three meters to the right of thee image are to the right. I think that the gap between the fourth and fifth meter is larger than the rest – could be wrong though :)

    +Scott Wolf Thanks – that was what caught my eye on this one. 

  9. Mrs.Bette Kauffman u r points are right…Mr.Steve Johnson r good photographer.

  10. You are correct about the gap between 4 & 5, and that could be why the last two don't line up perfectly! Fun!

  11. i dnt know…Bette Kauffman. do u know that?

  12. what is that….Bette Kauffman

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