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  1. Thanks +David Kaiser multi story car parks have a wierd atmosphere when they are empty – think that is the apeal.

  2. I love this one, the toning is just perfect. Your work always makes me drool.

  3. Steve, I have to agree with +Pete Esser, Great tones, great shadows, great leading lines, great shot :D

  4. +Pete Esser Thanks – that is a compliment I don't get often :)
    +Peter Dunn +edward bruce-radcliffe thanks :)

  5. Thanks +Tony – a very simple one :)

  6. I like empty parking structures and I think they like me.
    Oh nice shot! :-)

  7. +Greg Murray Thanks – I have a soft spot for purely functional architecture/structures – no decorative bits to spoil the lines ;)

  8. You are welcome. +Steve Johnson 
    I think they call that "industrial disease" ;-)

  9. Who'd have thought a parking garage could be so beautiful!

  10. Thanks +Bette Kauffman I'm with +Greg Murray on this – they fascinate me.

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