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  1. Really nice set of colours!

  2. +Miikka Anttila Thanks! I tweaked them a little but it really was a nice sunset.

  3. The lighting and coloring of this is lovely. :-)

  4. Love the golden hour. Gives beauty to all objects.

  5. Some photos can go either black and white, or color. This one definitely makes great use of the color. Wow.

  6. +peter paul müller +Donna Jordan +Anna Lowry +Tord Mattsson Thanks! I am not a great one for shooting at the sky for sunsets but the effects on ordinary things is often fantastic.

  7. +Eric Seaholm Thanks Eric – Most photographs I at least check in monochrome – this one I didn't – to this day I have no idea what the BW version looks like.

  8. super street shot the colors are amazing

  9. +Steve Johnson, over the past year I've developed a fascination with reflections in relation to good lighting. It's almost like an entirely new perspective on the world. The effects of a sunset on buildings is indeed incredible. Brings out things you might have overlooked before. :-)

  10. +Anna Lowry Far too much emphasis on equipment and far too little on learning how to see in photography in general. The great thing about photography is that, speaking personally, the longer I do it the more I see. To me that is at least as important as the resulting photograph. :)

    Reflections are a good example because the brain wants to process them as secondary regardless of the fact that they may be the dominant part of an image. Rewiring the brain to see things as they are and not as a set of priorities takes a long time though!

  11. +Karen Fischelt Thanks Karen. It's a fine line between high impact and gaudy :) – and not one that I always stay on the right side of.
    FWIW I remember how I post processed this now – I increased the black and left the colors as they were.

  12. Whoa… love the intense colors here.

  13. A wonderful color. Very impressive.

  14. hard to look at this photo and then going out in the rain Steve ;) ….I begin to love your colored ones too ;)

  15. +Steve Johnson, now you've hit on yet another fascination of mine… perception. What our eyes see and then what our brains interpret it as… rarely the same thing. It's a world of endless possibility as long as you are open to it. :-)

  16. Beautiful image. Extremely catchy!

  17. +Anna Lowry Not sure about endless possibilities but I do know that the brain is very good at filtering out information from the senses that it doesn't regard as important to our survival. As artists, our job is to somehow remove that filter. Not as easy as it sounds :)+Dirk Nabel The weather is crap here at the moment too – no great incentive to leave the house at all! +Sumit Sen +Mineki Sato +Benedict Chui Thanks :)

  18. Reminds me of my hometown, the downtown is all built from the same red brick. Thanks for sharing!

  19. +Coulter Sunderman Pleasure – one thing I like about this town is that it is not all timber frame and concrete block.

  20. I think what type of brick is called Leicester Red.
    But I can be very wrong here.

  21. +Tord Mattsson Well I've learnt something today :)

  22. +Steve Johnson l love the sunset colors in this! really capturing the moment!

  23. +Aly Cat Thanks! it doesn't look like this for long – usually its a pretty nondescript view to say the least.

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