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  1. hopefully you paid the cat well for posing for you!

  2. Excellent! Great pose, great capture,…or, eh, composition?;)

  3. +Andy Q. All natural – the cat was just sitting there and I had a camera by me – If I'd have moved the cat would have moved to follow me – she thinks she's a dog.

  4. Hahaha, great. I love cats.:)

  5. +Gene Bowker She mugs for the camera – doesn't like the red autofocus light at all so I have to remember to turn that off but otherwise she makes a great model.

    As for payment we have an understanding – I make sure her food and waterbowls are kept full and generally be a good cat owner and she doesn't wake me up at 4 in the morning out of spite. (:

  6. LOVE! HAHA! I have that same poster! My son used to talk to the cat on it. And my cat Biggie looks a lot like yours! Biggie does not follow the "no spiteful wake-up call" rule.

  7. +Jennifer Eden – I didn't release until we picket this poster up that there are many variations – all copies of advertisements for the black cat club but all different. The cat looks a lot meaner in some and is less a silhouette in others. Being woken up by a cat is miserable. +Daniel Chen +Lisa RedWillow Thanks!

  8. This is great. Being a cat owner myself, it definitely brings a smile to my face. (And so do your stories about her interspersed in the above comments.) :)

  9. +Erica Findley Thanks! she is a fun cat – not bright even by cat standards but great fun. She has just spent five minutes trying to work out where the news ticker goes when it scrolls off the TV (:

  10. +José Luis Rodríguez
    +Pedro Pampolim
    +Lars Ratschke
    +Aly Rivera
    Thanks for the reshares (:

  11. Darris

    The news ticker bit made me laugh out loud . . .

    Any way to get around the red eye and hollow eye thing with cats? My cats despise the red auto focus light too. Dogs don’t care. ‘sigh’ . . .

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