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  1. very nice, like the dark tones, and great light!

  2. I like it! :) Is this really the last one? ;(

  3. +Christian Louw Pedersen You are too kind – maybe just a break. :)

  4. Have a nice break +Steve Johnson but please make it a short one! ;)

  5. enjoying your table and chairs , just so you know : ) 

  6. Love the shadow, light and lines here.  Wonderful!

  7. +Jules Falk Hunter Thanks Jules – I have to be ready for the two minutes or so when the light actually gets into this part of the house.:)

  8. +Roni Delmonico Thanks :) appreciated. I really liked your kettle photo a lot.

  9. +Steve Johnson ah, well that does narrow it down just a little ; )  I'm lucky, get the sun streaming in much of the afternoon . . .

  10. +Jules Falk Hunter I'm envious! we live in a town center through choice but the downside is that other buildings block a lot of the light.

  11. +Steve Johnson we live up on a hill, about 2 miles from the ocean, so we get a nice view over the roof tops . if we ever built up on this house, the view would be amazing . . . but that would require a whole other income bracket , or fewer kids ; ) 

  12. +Jules Falk Hunter 
    Sounds wonderful – even without the investment :)

  13. now, the house in Totnes is a different story, right in the middle of town, but behind the church , so very quiet . Has a nice view over the hills from one of the bedrooms, and gets the lovely morning light in a little courtyard garden . I can't remember where I got up to with a little set I started on the house. I'll have a look and  will nudge you over there , just if/ when time allows . 

  14. Just seen them – beautiful set. 

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