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  1. +Adrian Rodriguez Yup – was trying out the noise setting on the Lumix ZS8 – it certainly produces a lot of noise!

  2. +kora foto morgana I really need to work though – meeting in 4 hours that I need to do 5 hours prep for aaargh!

  3. are you implementing visual aides at your meeting? because that could be a valid reason for your lumix play ;)

  4. +Steve Johnson It might work in your favor, I use to love to shoot BW ISO 3200 for that reason.

  5. +kora foto morgana I wish! very boring technical stuff unfortunately that requires little more than a calculator.

  6. +Adrian Rodriguez I have never been grain averse and used to do a lot of night photography with film. The aesthetic sort of stuck. Rarely had anything slower than ASA800 in the camera.

  7. just graduated from iso1600 to iso51200 it's insane… i've been stuck on iso400 for a few years now… although i must agree with you +Steve Johnson on the film night photography… nice and grainy is the only way to go for me there…

    the boring technical stuff should be spiced up with extra grain then… only 4.75 hours of prep time left ;)

  8. +kora foto morgana ha! – for once I actually overestimated the time required so I'm back on Schedule now.

  9. and all is well in the pixel world again… ;)

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