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  1. Good catch … good title

  2. +Kev Isabeth Thanks Kev – it was a complete fluke to be honest – first shot with a wide angle attachment I was playing with – lined up the scene but the break in the clouds around the stop lights and the car's position were not planned in the slightest (;

  3. +Jennifer Eden Thanks Jennifer – as I said to Ken it was complete luck.

  4. When I see this kind of scene, I often recall a scene from "Devil's Advocate"… Nice catch, Steve.

  5. wonderful. this is the essence of solitude.

  6. +Lawrence del Mundo Hi Lawrence – hope today has been good to you. I'll look up the movie now – don't think I've seen it. The pic, to me, has a 50s Sci Fi B movie feel to it – hence the title. Now off to IMDB and Wikipedia for an education :)

  7. +Steve Johnson Another full day, my Friend. Hope you Sunday's the same. The scene was an eerie one – where Keannu Reeves found himself alone in a street in New York in broad daylight… I was trying to spot even a lone figure in this image, but couldn't find one.

  8. +Lawrence del Mundo as far as I know there are no figures – Sunday in a USA Midwest town. I remember the movie being released now but never saw it – may have to rent it. Its been a very lazy Sunday so far and I am happy for it to continue that way to be honest.

  9. +Steve Johnson May it stay that way, then. Lazy Sunday afternoons are the best.

  10. Great photo, the title is perfect!

  11. Nice. Really like the crispness of the shot.

  12. +Joe Osborne Thanks I was pleased with the way it turned out considering it was shot with a kit lens and a $10 wide angle attachment. Edited it in LIghtroom but didn't have to do anything beyond standard re sharpening. It was a bright day though and being able to use a higher f stop really helps with wide angle shots – especially with cheap optics.

  13. +Erwin Vindl Thanks – I really have a soft spot for those old movies +carrie evans Thanks there was definitely that feel to the day

  14. Wouldn't worry about the optics… 95% of all lenses are better than 99% of all photographers. :-) Good eye for composition.

  15. +Joe Osborne couldn't agree more and it is a subject I write about frequently (:

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