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  1. You wanna wipe my…butterfly? :D

  2. I thought it was the snow! Anyway, to me this looks like a dreamlike snowy night and of course very beautiful … =)

  3. Kind of like 2D snow globe

  4. +Mahlegha Kazemi Thanks – it really is just dirt reflecting light :)

  5. +Mark Forman with the 'snow' stuck to the glass :)

  6. That's your art! You can turn the dirtiest window into the most beautiful snowy setting…

  7. Gorgeous shot! Please consider sharing in Abstract Photography!

  8. +Jackson Carson Just done it and thanks for the kick – I've sort of neglected the communities I've signed onto :)

  9. Great! Thanks for sharing — I know it can be time-consuming. I'm enjoying the Abstract Photography group, though. Good peeps there. Welcome!

  10. You're very modest Steve ;)

  11. +Jackson Carson Agree – an excellent place all round.

  12. Thanks Raymond – appreciated :) +raymond samson

  13. I'd rather say" Most often!"  ;)


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