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  1. Oh they can't fool me. Their bunnies. They aren't at a standoff. They are definitely kissing.

  2. +Jason Bossley There secret is out – the animosity was all a front (:

  3. Hmmm, tough choice. Like the no-clutter bunnies but also like the interesting patterns in them in the former post.

  4. BTW I love the lighting. Great picture :)

  5. +Renee Stewart Jackson I think I am with you – the others looked very different when they were enlarged from thumbnail size. This one has lost the thing that originally made me take the photograph – never a good sign.

  6. A feeling of beautiful transparence.

  7. Great minds think alike ! LOL ! [ More than once ! ]

  8. Didn't know those bunnies could move. Yesterday they were in front of a window. They look much happier in that setting :D

    A bright fresh carrot might go well in that frame. And water around them to make it appear they are melting.

  9. +Rob Lopes Ha! yesterday they were on a glass top which I thought was more interesting than this – I like the melting idea – seriously +Renee Stewart Jackson true (:

  10. Aww, love the bunnies

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